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Terms of Service

MIGUEL GRAPHIC DESIGN promises to keep your project confidential and would only share any type of information or content in case of an active police investigation, where that data is relevant and required by the authorities. MIGUEL GRAPHIC DESIGN will hold copyright license over content done not yet paid in full, modified or not purchased for the intended use. Projects that have been processed, done and delivered to the final customer, where a payment has been approved and made in full, are sole property of the customer in question.

MIGUEL GRAPHIC DESIGN have the right to reject and cancel projects at any time, free of charge, due to personal, professional, beliefs, respect and other motives. If a project is canceled by the customer, after order acknowledgment was signed, the customer will be required to pay for 50% of the service and will not receive any document from the project, since this charge will towards a cancellation fee and/or the time put into the project in question.

Changes made to projects after order acknowledgement was signed will carry a fee calculated depending on the dimension and/or the amount of changes to be done on current project.

The terms here listed are automatically valid, even if provided contract is not signed, or no contract is present at the time of the hiring process. Customers accept this terms of service and cannot argue, miss established payment or in any way fail to comply with the terms presented at any given moment. Failing to comply may lead to legal action.

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