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Upcoming changes - May 2023

Upcoming changes - May 2023

Miguel Carvalho

May 1, 2023 at 4:00:00 p.m.

Communication of official changes coming to MIGUEL GRAPHIC DESIGN coming later this year.

Welcome to a brand new phase that MIGUEL GRAPHIC DESIGN, MGD for short, is coming thru.

For the last year, I had the chance to work with amazing people from around the globe and expand business to places where I could not even begin to imagine. Today, I am proud to announce that changes are coming to serve any present and future customer that might come along the way.

For the first time since the business has opened as a freelance job, I was lucky enough to meet people with the same passion as me, that are design and creativity driven and are willing to put as much effort on this company, like I am, and so this being said, I am proudly announcing that MGD is changing from a one person freelance job, to an agency, where other professionals will be able to work with me and on their own on the projects that are being done and coming in the near future.

Simplicity is something that I always tried to show thru my work and so, I decided to change the overall design of my main product, our website, portfolio and introduce a easier to use, direct driven approach to the end user. This will allow us to attract more customers and make huge changes that so far were limited by our previous platform.

Now that the team has increased in size, we are bringing new products, as our clothing line, custom printing services and more, all done in house without the use of third parties, offering the best premium service for less, with the fastest shipping, best price and best customer service. The store will launch later this year and we cannot wait for you to see our first ever clothing collection, made entirely of 100% cotton, for the best fit and feel possible.

Other services that we are bringing later this year is 3D printing and 3D project renderings from outsourced projects.

Thank you for the confidence in our work and let's cherish a brilliant future for our and your business.

Best Regards,
Miguel Carvalho


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