In case you are looking for branding design, UI/UX design, modeling or rendering your project, or even create an app icon, MIGUEL GRAPHIC DESIGN is the right choice for you! Please look into more detail each service I provide.

Branding design.

Branding design is:

  • Logo design;
  • Brand identity creation;
  • Business cards (I provide template only or print and ship services too);
  • Marketing design;
  • Banners;
  • Covers;
  • Personalized projects (others).

If you are in need of any of this services, or one that is not listed but you believe is related to this type of content, please fill my form with details and I will be providing a quote.

UI/UX design.

Are you trying to to develop an app but you don not have a template for it yet? Please fill the form and include as much detail as possible and I will reply as soon as possible with a quote.

Modeling / Rendering.

You need a 3D model, a render, or both? I am able to help with that! If you want a 3D model done, please take pictures of the object in question and it’s dimensions, or in case that you had an idea and want it done in 3D and/or rendered, just try to draw your idea on paper and sent a photo of it with it’s dimensions.

Mockups also available.

App icon design.

You built an app and wanted to change the look, or even create an amazing app icon. I will provide all the files required for all the major platforms, so you have a nice, and good looking app icon. I will provide all the files required for app development to these platforms:

  • Mac OS;
  • iOS;
  • iPadOS;
  • Android.


I am very open minded and love challenges! If you need a project done and believe that it is design related, I would be glad to accept the challenge. Please fill the form and introduce your idea, and I will reply as fast as I can, so we can start work on your next big thing!